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A Different Dog

The boy is different, too. We never learn his name; he is just the boy. The dog is the dog, too, but is given a name by the boy.

In Paul Jennings’ short book about this boy and dog pair, both of them have a problem.

Paul Jennings, A Different Dog

The boy’s mother has just used his bed for firewood. That’s how cold and how poor they are. The boy sets off one morning to try his luck at something which might make life better for them. He is being bullied by his peers, and he is unable to talk.

When he meets the dog, he discovers that the dog is unable to walk.

And the truth about the dog is shocking, but the boy won’t give in. He needs to make life better for the dog.

He doesn’t think about himself.

This is a lovely and slightly different story on the theme of boy and dog.