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The witch is not for turning

Looks like this post could very slightly be brought to you by the letter R. And if you’re wondering what happened to Q, that would have been yesterday…

There were some rowan berries outside the house, lying in wait for me. Doesn’t rowan ward off witches? I’m just hoping it wasn’t deliberate.

While slouching in my reading chair, I noticed something red streaking down the trunk of one of the pine trees. It moved like a squirrel, but was the colour of a fox. Foxes don’t march down treetrunks upside down. It was a squirrel. Two, actually. Red ones, and much cuter than the rat-like creatures we see at the regular Bookwitch Towers. Daughter got quite excited by the sheer redness of them.

This late in August entertainment is limited. (Squirrels…) While the sun was out we went to ‘Stinky’ for some tea and to stare at the rocks. We caught the bus. It was fine.

We sampled this year’s first – and presumably last – tea at Göstas. We sat under the new roof, half inside, half outside, enjoying our repast. Then it was photos of rocks. It’s nice without all the people. Might have seen the owners of your future duvet swimming around.

Getting the bus back was a different affair. Buses here are usually not (very) late. This one was, and I blamed it on the school run. But as we got on, we couldn’t help noticing various parts of the bus strewn around the interior. Parts that are more commonly found on the outside of buses.

As it was the same bus we’d travelled out on, we concluded the driver must have had an accident while we frolicked on the beach.

It was one of the odd buses, that go in a different direction just before our stop. Which is OK. We just walk home from there instead.

But you guessed correctly. It didn’t. It went the usual route. Except I suspect the poor driver heard his onboard auto-guide mentioning the next stop would be the school. And there was no school where he was heading. The driver asked us if he’d made a mistake.

We said he had. He asked if we could help him reverse the bus. (Honestly! I can’t even drive a car.) It was his first day on this route. So we stood guard while he reversed (have I mentioned that Swedish buses are very large?), and then he was on his way, by now a mere 25 minutes late.

What a day, though! Late. Wrong route. And half the rear of his vehicle missing…

Waiting for Gordon

I don’t have a handy quote to offer. But you know the play I’m thinking of, don’t you?

Waiting for Gordon Brown in Charlotte Square

I suppose I was the tramp.

I’m no poodle

We went chasing rainbows the other evening. We didn’t know we would, but when we saw the double rainbow, we couldn’t resist. (The rumours are just that. Rumours. No pot of gold anywhere.)

Double rainbows with small dog on the side

It was out by the old lifeboat station, and it was nice and peaceful. While I searched for a suitable rock to rest on (I’m not as young as I was) we were overtaken by lady with cute poodle. She then proceeded to place said poodle on on a nice looking rock (one I could have sat on) and went on to take lots of photos, while the dog posed like it was born to model.

So she got a poodle with rainbows in the background. She even showed us her earlier attempts at seagull with rainbow. The poodle ones were nicer. (In some places people would be wary of stopping and chatting to weird foreigners, let alone whipping out their fancy phones in front of them.)

As poodle and lady left, I sat down on the rock. The Resident IT Consultant clearly felt he needed a poodle alternative, so bravely jumped across to some other rocks from which to photograph his wife.

And what a mistake that was! Maybe one day he’ll learn not to ruin perfectly good double rainbows with witches on rocks.

Next time he’ll know to borrow the poodle.

Fishing huts with rainbows

Bookwitch bites #82

Do you remember Nicola Morgan’s brain? The one that got caught out at Belfast airport? Now she’s doing other brain talks, and she has very kindly – sort of – included Daughter’s brain. On Nicola’s new ‘at home with Nicola on a Friday night’ blog, she mentioned a recent talk on brains. She illustrated it with a photo of Daughter’s room.

I am so ashamed.

(But I will have you know it’s not the one in this house. That at least has good bone structure. This university accommodation style of architecture makes me shudder.)

To ensure that more children have a good start in life, at least as far as books and reading are concerned, Bookstart are doing some good work. Michael Rosen and Jamie Oliver and many others are pledging to share 20 books. And there can always be more. Pledge away, if you feel like it!

I have to admit to being most impressed with the names of Jamie’s children. (I’m guessing this proves I don’t read the right magazines, or I would already have known about them.)

The ‘items’ in that photograph mentioned above have now migrated here. We can still almost walk a path between the assorted boxes and bags. I’m pleased to see my books back, and just as pleased that Daughter read many of them and enjoyed her reading.

That’s what I hope will happen to the Y7 children who get to take part in Bookbuzz, starting in September. A ‘free’ book for all, at least if schools apply to take part.

The books listed below are the ones chosen for children to pick from.

A Most Improper Magick by Stephanie Burgis
Journey to the Centre of My Brain by James Carter
Rivets: Lifters by Joe Craig
Heroes by Paul Dowswell
The Messenger Bird by Ruth Eastham
Twelve Minutes to Midnight by Christopher Edge
Small Change for Stuart by Lissa Evans
Shadow Forest by Matt Haig
The Secrets Club: Alice in the Spotlight by Chris Higgins
Lost Riders by Elizabeth Laird
The World of Norm: May Contain Nuts by Jonathan Meres
Don’t Wipe Your Bum with a Hedgehog by Mitchell Symons
Spook Squad: The Beast of Hangman’s Hill by Roger Hurn
Boffin Boy and the Temples of Mars by David Orme and Peter Richardson
The Dragon Machine by Helen Ward and Wayne Anderson
Call Me Gorgeous by Giles and Alexandra Milton
Hello Dudley by Sam Lloyd

I hope it works out as intended. There appears to be a book about brains, so that is promising. And, has that Giles Milton been eavesdropping? I’ve met people who in all seriousness described him as Gorgeous Giles. (I know. It should really be me.) The hedgehog bumwiping book has passed through my hands (ew), and looked pretty good, albeit in bad taste. I imagine the other Chosen Ones are similarly suitable for Y7s.