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The Worry (Less) Book

This is a very useful little book on anxiety. The kind of thing that more of us are admitting to having around in our lives, especially in Covid times. Although author and illustrator Rachel Brian probably didn’t know what kind of world her book was going to arrive in.

It’s a little bit American, but I often think that when it comes to doing worrying, a little bit American can be reassuring, somehow. Try it.

I was actually going to put it aside, but one small glimpse of the innards of this book – which will make you ‘feel strong, find calm and tame your anxiety’ – made me change my mind completely. This is good stuff. I mean, a book where you learn to tell your anxiety that you don’t have time for it today, but maybe tomorrow? That’s such a common sense bit of advice.

We need common sense. We are all, mostly, worried about something in life, be it farting in company or anything else.

It’s a small cartoon style book, with humorous but sensible advice on how to deal with being scared of dogs, and avoiding swimming with sharks. It’s attractive, in grey and black with only yellow as colour accent. I know, when anxious, I should not concern myself with style. But it helps.

The cartoon aspect might make you think it’s for really young children, but my guess is young school age children. The age when you meet life head on for the first time, and worry about the dog, the other children and, yes, farting.

But we don’t really change much, do we? We grow bigger and older and still we worry. We’re probably capable of reading longer, more learned books on dealing with anxiety, but this one will do quite nicely.

You are good enough. You just need to learn that. And to remember it. (That brain of yours can be your worst enemy.)