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On being different

It’s OK not to be purple with shiny scales. Even if you’re an orange dragon with sticky-out scales, all is not lost. There is bound to be some princess out there who needs you. Even princesses can be a little different, sometimes.

Rachel Valentine and Ed Eaves, Marmaduke the Very Different Dragon

At first Rachel Valentine’s story Marmaduke the Very Different Dragon, with rather orange illustrations by Ed Eaves, struck me as too ‘princessy.’ But when I read it I realised it’s actually rather sweet. Marmaduke finds himself an unusual princess, who is just right for him, and that makes both of them very happy.

Let’s leave the perfect purple dragons to the perfect little princesses who need protecting. Marmaduke’s Princess Meg is a brave girl, and she doesn’t need to be protected.

She needs a friend.