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Culture’s first

interview. Practice may make perfect, but not yet. But at least I have practised on the cream of children’s authors, and that is a very good place to start. I have slaved over this hot interview for long enough, now, so am feeling lazy. Nothing very bookish here for you today, so have a quick look at Culture’s first. And for anyone who simply must have a book connection, I recommend Roger Whittaker’s early autobiography, So Far So Good, which has a gun situation on the first page. Whittaker and witch 2

And for those of you who have yet to meet me in person; please leave my hair alone when the time comes.

Culture goes to Köln

Darjeeling with Roger Whittaker

Today – what’s left of it. Hotels who fail in the internet access department are not my most favourite ones… – you just have to head over to Culture for her review of the Roger Whittaker concert in Köln. She and Daughter worked very hard all Saturday, what with the Chocolate Museum, having tea with Roger and then going to the concert.

But when you think about it; someone has to.