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Cherry and Jill

Even in the English speaking world, they seem to be called Cherry and Jill. This foreign-ness is not easy, because you can never be totally sure what your book heroine from the olden days is called elsewhere. Having learned that Kitty Drew inexplicably was a Nancy, I always proceed with caution. The little witch and her friends were heavily into the Kitty books, as we called them.

The witch and school pals also loved nurse Cherry Ames, and Jill of the horses. There were other nurse and horse series, too. Do we have a Sue Barton in this world?

I was reminded of good old Cherry Ames in a crime blog earlier this year, and was most relieved to find that people other than me had read about Cherry, and still remembered her. Sometimes I feel that my past possibly never happened, so it’s reassuring that I may have imagined less than I’ve come to suspect.

And now Fidra Books are re-publishing Ruby Ferguson’s books about Jill, starting with Jill’s Gymkhana. It’s a great relief to me, since I had decided that Jill was bound to have had another name in the rest of the world, unless all of her was a complete figment of my imagination.

Jodhpurs. Such an intriguing word.

And typhoid and ice cream.

The things that a person files away in their memory…