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Finding Cherokee Brown

Had barely got going with reading Finding Cherokee Brown before I desperately wanted a new haircut. A really cool one. And reinventing myself seemed like a good idea. But, I don’t have long enough hair to start getting inventive, nor is there terribly good raw material for a new witch.

In her book about Cherokee, Siobhan Curham deals with bullying, as well as how to make something of yourself. Claire Weeks is being bullied, and no one knows about it. Her mother and stepfather appear to love her little brothers more than her, so she keeps it all to herself. (Until the day she doesn’t, which provides a very satisfying page of rebellion.)

Siobhan Curham, Finding Cherokee Brown

It’s her birthday, and apart from some school mates who promise to kill her, Claire makes unexpected contact with her long lost real father. And that’s where the changes start happening. Claire finds her real self, and slowly works towards dealing with her issues at school; both with other pupils and with staff.

Her ‘new’ Dad is quite exciting. He seems to care about her (but her Mum keeps going on about how he just walked out on them when Claire was a baby) and he wants to do things for her, and with her.

(I found the new Dad a little underwhelming, despite all the good stuff he did. I’m not sure if this was intentional to make him less than perfect, or if I’m just being over critical of how he talks and acts. And as a parent, I had a problem with what happened towards the end, despite it working out ‘for the best.’)

This is a fun book, and it deals well with bullying and family issues, and I really enjoyed it. And if it can leave someone like me hankering for new hair, I hope it will entertain and help young readers.