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Hills, and snow

In just over a week I have reviewed three books, all with things that connect them – at least in my mind – in that odd way I find when randomly selecting books to read. Or is it so random? Maybe the books tell me to pick them? Because in some cases I know so little about plot or setting that I can’t subconsciously be choosing the snow theme, or the computer theme, or the mermaid theme. Or the anything else theme.

The books on my mind today are Belle and Sébastien, Orphan Monster Spy and Astrid the Unstoppable. On top of that, there is the snow we had more than we wanted of.

Belle and Sébastien had lots of snow in it. An avalanche and more. Astrid skis and sledges in snow, and she even had lots left, high up, after Easter. That’s Norway for you. I don’t know that there was snow in Orphan Monster Spy, but because I had snow, and the setting of southern Germany made me think Alp thoughts – possibly incorrectly – it took me back to Sébastien’s Pyrenees.

Yes, those mountains. Lots in the Pyrenees, lots in Norway, and presumably some in Germany.

Two of the three books are translations, which is unusual enough for it to stand out. And the third was set in another country, with plenty of languages being mentioned and used.

I myself had plenty of language to use when looking out my windows too.

But at least the good thing about being marooned by snow and having several excellent books to read, is that the two combine so well.


Above, my personal avalanche, waiting to happen.


The white stuff

I went for a walk – just on my local streets – yesterday. (I do most days, so nothing to get excited about.) But then I noticed something white peeping out between the trees. ‘Clouds,’ I thought.

But no, it was snow. Up in the hills and far away, but still snow. In fact, that’s where I prefer it. Assuming I’m ‘down here,’ of course.

And then the Resident IT Consultant suggested he should take me out to look at the stuff, although he admitted that the nearest place from which to admire the snow was the landing.

Snow from the King's Park

I agreed to be taken out, and without going further than the town golf course, we had some very nice views. These ones look slightly prettier than the one with Sainsbury’s petrol station in front…

Snow from the King's Park