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Everybunny’s Amazing

We like finding ourselves in books, whoever we are; yellow spotted pet dragons, little boys in wheelchairs, or friendly bunnies and foxes.

And eventually, they all go to bed. I think that might be what they have in common.

Steve Antony, Amazing

Zibbo – that’s the dragon – and his young master do everything together, and I have to say they can be quite naughty. Although, the mess in the fridge could possibly be blamed on untidy parents?

They race in the park and they play ball, but above all they enjoy parties. Just don’t let Zibbo – that’s the dragon, remember? –  near the candles on the cake. Or your cat. Who might be a ‘real’ pet.

Steve Antony’s Amazing ends with our two tired friends going to bed and sleeping. Because they’ve had fun.

In Ellie Sandall’s new book about the bunnies – Everybunny Dream! – they are all out playing with their best friends the fox cubs. Until it’s time to come in and put pyjamas on, wash, brush, comb, clean, trim, and HUG.

Ellie Sandall, Everybunny Dream!

When all the bunnies are in bed, there is a noise, and it’s Mrs Fox returning an errant bunny. Then they all snuggle up for a story, bunnies and fox cubs together.

Let’s hope these two books will inspire some tiny humans to go to bed too.

Changing what we like

We are all mostly set in our ways, and we don’t want to change. Do we?

Fussy Freda in Julia Jarman’s book, with illustrations by Fred Blunt, certainly knows what she likes. I mean, what she doesn’t like. There is rather a lot Freda doesn’t eat. At all.

Julia Jarman and Fred Blunt, Fussy Freda

And if you don’t eat, then… Told in rhyme, we see Freda’s family trying to tempt her to eat, until the day when… well it’s too horrible to tell.

Let’s just say that common sense has something to do with it.

In Steve Antony’s Unplugged, a black and white tale about Blip who likes her screen time a little too much, it takes another drastic interruption to sort her out. It’s amazing what ‘no power’ will do to someone addicted to screen play.

Steve Antony, Unplugged

You might even be forced to go out there and do normal stuff. You might even like it.

Fresh air, and friends, and suddenly colour enters your life.

Let’s hope these two cautionary tales will give parents hope when it looks as if nothing will make their little ones change.

Pleasing people

Aunt Scarborough was back in town over the weekend. She came with her daughter Alloa, and we ‘all’ went to have a look at a building site, before having afternoon tea. As you do.

Over tea Alloa thanked me much more profusely than there was a need for, for the book Please Mr Panda, which was one of the books I sent along when Scarborough moved away from here a couple of years ago. I’ve enjoyed other Steve Antony books, but never got round to reviewing the panda one. I was merely glad to be able to pass it on.

Steve Antony, Please Mr Panda

Alloa has several grandchildren, so I reckoned someone would be the right age for the various books. It seems her youngest grandchild, aged three, absolutely loves Mr Panda. It sounded like it’s the kind of book we’ve probably all known, where a child reads the same book over and over again.

It appears he was so keen that he even dressed up as Panda for [I think] World Book Day. And the lucky young man, being the great grandchild of a woman who knits doughnuts, even had the doughnuts to complete his dressing-up.

All this makes me very happy.

The Queen’s Present

Even Queens can encounter problems when it comes to buying Christmas presents for their little ones.

Steve Antony, The Queen's Present

In Steve Antony’s latest picture book, his very active Queen embarks on some serious world travelling to find the perfect gifts for the Prince and the Princess. She has some help from the man in red, who just happens to call in at Buckingham Palace, and who lets her come with him as he crosses the globe.

This way the reader can see many of the world’s most famous landmarks as the Queen and Father Christmas fly past. But no matter how grand the place, it seems she will never find the right thing.

If you look carefully, you will see that Her Majesty starts her travels sitting at the back of the sleigh. But as they go, she ends up closer and closer to the front, until she finally has the reins in her hands.

That doesn’t help, though, and she has to give up the hunt, and Father Christmas sends her on her way in the same manner he himself enters most houses. Hence the Queen’s sooty appearance at Sandringham, where the Prince and Princess get the best gift from Grandma.

(I’m still pondering whether a generation has been lost, or if Steve is merely ‘Grandma-ing’ the Queen for the sake of simplicity?)

Lost x 2

I’m a sucker for Salina Yoon’s endearing picture books. I told myself I didn’t need to read her new one – Found – but I did. Of course I did.

Bear finds a lost bunny, and he spends all his time looking after the bunny. He loves it, but he realises someone else must have lost the bunny and will be desperate to be reunited with this wonderful creature.

So Bear advertises, and eventually he finds bunny’s real owner…

Very, very sweet. I adore love!

Salina Yoon, Found

In The Queen’s Hat Steve Antony shows us the day when the Queen’s hat blew away. Steve has a special style of drawing, and we see most of London in stylish simplicity as Her Majesty chases after her hat. You certainly can’t accuse the woman of being lazy. Or slow.

It’s great fun to see how the hat just manages to evade the royal hand, until it ends up on someone’s head. Whose?

Steve Antony, The Queen's Hat