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Love is all around us

At first I tried to brush the blossom off, before I discovered that it was part of the book cover of In Blossom by Yooju Cheon.

This beautifully monochrome picture book with pink blossom is rather romantic. It fits in with how some of us might feel today. Cat comes to sit on the bench under the cherry blossom to eat her packed lunch.

Soon after Dog comes to sit next to her, to read his book. And the dangers with cherry blossom is how it might blow from one sensitive little nose to another, and then…

Yooju Cheon, In Blossom

In Teresa Heapy’s book Loved To Bits, her illustrator Katie Cleminson shows us what one little boy’s teddy looks like. Looked like.

Because during all those exciting adventures the boy and his ted have, bits of him fall off. It can be hard to have fun and not lose the odd ear or arm.

This boy loves his ted, no matter what, and eventually when there is less of him, it makes ted even more loveable.

Teresa Heapy and Katie Cleminson, Loved To Bits

Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?

Wolves are the common denominator in these two books. Who Ate Auntie Iris? is an easy reader by Sean Taylor and Hannah Shaw, and it’s all about courage. And possibly about having preconceived ideas about people. Me, I just couldn’t resist the title.

Sean Taylor & Hannah Shaw, Who Ate Auntie Iris?

The courageous one is a small chinchilla who is always a wee bit nervous when visiting her Aunt Iris, because her flat is at the top of a block seemingly inhabited by very large and dangerous animals with dreadfully big teeth. And when her aunt disappears, she feels it’s her task to find out which of the neighbours ate her.

Not everything is as it seems, however. A sweet story, and hopefully it won’t make readers more scared of the neighbourhood bears, wolves or crocodiles than they already are. Despite the teeth.

And while I’m not resisting, it was the names of the author and her illustrator that made me look twice at Very Little Red Riding Hood. Heapy & Heap. You couldn’t make it up.

Very Little Red Riding Hood sets of for her Grandmama’s house, and because she is so little, it’d be easy to assume she’s in more danger than the ‘usual Little Red Riding Hood.’ But it’s not exactly a picnic being a wolf, either. VLRRH is a feisty, if tiny, girl. She’s just fine until…

Teresa Heapy & Sue Heap, Very Little Red Riding Hood

Very Entertaining, and a nice take on a traditional tale.