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The Mock Turtle

This is not going to be about Alice. Much. It’s more cream teas and cake in vast quantities.

I first encountered Nicola Bayley with the cat pictures through my friend Pippi (the one without longstockings), when she wanted me to search my new country for cat books by Nicola. So I did. We keep asking each other for strange things, that we send to each other.

Pippi was the one who cemented the Mock Turtle teas as well. As students in Brighton many many years ago, somebody came up with the bright idea of debriefing after exams at the Mock Turtle tearooms, and this quickly became a tradition. Scones are good when you’ve just made a mess out of your vocab exam.

Once back home, Pippi suggested meeting up at hers for cream tea after another exam, and so a group of us took to meeting and making scones in turn. And all these meetings were filed under the Mock Turtle. Don’t know if we ever mentioned Alice. Literary teas are nice. Offspring have been taken to feed at the original Mock Turtle, and it’s still good.