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Bookwitch bites #33

The Edgar Allan Poe Awards have seen the light, and will be handing the next Edgar to Sara Paretsky. The announcement came at a particularly suitable moment, because Sara had blogged about how she felt a bit down, because she has difficulty typing right now, due to an old injury. Easy to understand the impact this has on an author. Ever the modest writer, Sara doesn’t seem to feel she deserves the Edgar. She can be so wrong sometimes. But not often.

From not deserving an award to ‘not deserving’ an event. I’m on the email list for bookshop events, and one recent listing was for an event that’s ‘exclusively for our customers’. I’m still wondering what that means. I can’t see how I wouldn’t qualify, but deep down I feel that I don’t.

I have now had two guest blogs published on The View From Here, and despite the editor suggesting I make my latest offering slightly more American-friendly, it didn’t take long before someone was offended. But why be bland? Readers here know I tend to be a little on the weird side, but for readers of  TVFH it can be easy to take irony at face value.

My calves went shopping last week. Bet you didn’t know I keep calves! I have two, one on the right and one on the left. Leg. Anyway, I needed a silver pen for use on dark coloured Christmas cards. Into WHS I went. I was overwhelmed by all the displays, and I can find it hard to see what I’ve come for at the best of times. I found the pens eventually, and I found that there was so much writing on every single piece of packaging that it was almost impossible to efficiently skim the display. By sheer luck I spied something down at knee height, but as I bent down – stiffly – I noticed the description for the knee-high goods was down at calf height. I could neither read it, nor bend down far enough.

I know I complain all the time. But I fail to see (I did, didn’t I?) what they are doing, selling things down on what’s virtually the floor.

And I love Americans. Obviously.

Bookwitch bites #26

Noah Barleywater Runs Away

John Boyne’s Noah Barleywater Runs Away is out next week. Although it’s been ‘out’ for some time, seeing as Random handed out proofs to all in the audience at the Edinburgh Book Festival. It’s a nice idea, and one I think would be good to try more often. What the proofs didn’t have were the pictures you get in the real deal. Oliver Jeffers has illustrated John’s story as beautifully as you expect from Oliver. (I like Oliver’s pictures, in case you haven’t worked it out.) But I’m puzzling over one thing. I’m fairly sure someone told me that the story had a particular meaning to Oliver’s own life. And I don’t know what it is!

Carl Hiaasen’s Scat is out in paperback. It’s worth noting, because I really liked it, and if you haven’t already got it, now is a good opportunity. It’s the one I feel is on a level with Carl’s adult novels, minus most of the sex.

You can download a sample of The Cat Kin by Nick Green here. Not that you should have any doubts about it, but freebies are always nice, so download and enjoy and then go get the book.

And finally, yesterday brought some news in the Bookseller about The View From Here magazine. Personally I suspect someone’s made a dreadful mistake, but I don’t want to complain.