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Christmas Fairy

My fairies tend to be a little larger than those Titania Woods writes about. I’m sure there exists several species of fairy. Titania’s fairies are just the right size to go on top of the Christmas tree, or as in the case of this Christmas story, inside the tree.

Twink is on her her winter holidays when she suddenly decides to play the heroine and save a tree from being chopped down in the woods. Instead she ends up coming home with the “naughty” human, who doesn’t believe in fairies.

Luckily his daughter does, so Twink has someone to help her, and before too long the human parents see the light, too. Both species learn something from the other, and the reader gets to have a little think about the damage we inflict on mother nature in the name of almost everything.

I’m just that little bit too old for this kind of fairy story, but it’s absolutely perfect for younger (and I suspect, female) readers. And it’s only because I am a crotchety old witch, that I would have enjoyed the pages of the book much more without all those decorative drawings round the edge of every single page. Sorry, Titania. It’s my minimalist tendencies coming out here. I expect the right reader will appreciate the woodland garlands.