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Trains and unicorns

It’s not too late, I suppose. But I probably won’t.

Recently I was looking into train travel, of which I was in favour long before Greta. Let’s just say that it’d be an awful lot easier if this wasn’t an island, or at least if I lived at the southern end of it. So this time round I won’t be going to Berlin by rail.

I’d thought to make it a killing two birds with the one train ticket thing, stopping long enough in London to go and see a play. If you have to sleep somewhere en route, it might as well be London, and if sleeping in London I could do something there before bedtime. Like going to the theatre.

Because I’d happened to see the advertisement for Maggot Moon at the Unicorn Theatre [where I’ve not been for nearly ten years]. Sally Gardner’s book was one of the best that year, and I fully expect the play to be worth seeing. So discovering it’d be on in the month when my fictional train travel was about to happen, was a real boon. An encouragement.

But the best laid plans, and all that. 36 very expensive hours, or a dreadfully early start one morning but soon over, and for a reasonable amount of money… Well, let’s say I didn’t book a theatre ticket.

On the other hand, October isn’t over – it’s only just started – so a trip to London can’t be ruled out. But, well…