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In the news today

Feel sufficiently bad about what’s on the front page of the paper today, to add something myself. I am not all that knowledgeable on the finer points of the situation in the Middle East, but I’m so old that I’ve seen news like this more times than I should have.

In the spring I blogged briefly about  Message in a Bottle by Valérie Zenatti, feeling it was a book everybody should read. If you didn’t, now is a good time to do so. And maybe give it as a gift, if you’re buying gifts or books for someone you like.


Message in a Bottle

A title like Message in a Bottle is both sad and sort of hopeful, I think. So is this book by Valérie Zenatti, which has just been translated from the French. It’s a marvellous book, and yet another one for schools to put into the hands of all their students.

Valérie has written a short, but beautiful, tale about two young people exchanging emails. One lives in Jerusalem, the other in Gaza. It starts with an exploding bomb, and Valérie doesn’t shy away from spelling out the devastation that is caused in this way.

This is a book for everyone.

And as I happened to study the cover of the book more carefully, I discovered it comes recommended by someone I know. Small world. And we’re in agreement on this book.