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Water for non-fiction day

Whatever you do, stop buying water in plastic bottles all the time! It’s not good for the environment, and the water rarely tastes better than its sibling out of the tap.

Paul Younger, Water - All That Matters

Hodder Education have a series of books on many different and interesting subjects, and I’ve got a copy here of Water, by Professor Paul Younger. It’s short and relatively easy to read and appears to my untrained eye to contain absolutely everything you’d want to know about water. And I’m so relieved that Paul is with me on the bottled water issue.

Recalling a heated disagreement I once had with someone on whether or not we should be careful with the water we are lucky to have, it’s good to see what Paul has to say. And I reckon he agrees with me there as well.

Starting with water molecules, this little book covers every area of water in our lives. It has some illustrations, ranging from the feet of someone with arsenic poisoning, to that wet drought we had in Britain earlier this year, and the Cochabamba Water War in Bolivia, featuring the sad banner for a young hero who gave his life for water.

I found the map showing the major ocean currents of the world quite interesting, since I’ve never known much more than the gulf stream. I will also find it much harder eating a banana from now on, because I had no idea it uses so much water before it turns up in my kitchen. (Although it beats beef.)

The book ends with a list of 100 ideas, ranging from wells and spas and stuff to water movies.

‘Only a fool tests the depth of the water with both feet.’ (African proverb)