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I’ve got it covered #3

The Resident IT Consultant is buying back his childhood. The books that ‘mysteriously’ vanished when he went to university, are needed again. Not just to read, but to look at, so the original cover – as known by the young Resident IT Consultant – will need to be the one.

Not that long ago Fell Farm Holiday by Marjorie Lloyd was delivered by our lovely postman.

It looks like a Blyton, while not being a Blyton. It looks perfectly fine and interesting and maybe one day I will read it. The cover by William Grimmond is rather charming, and I can see it causing, or at least cementing, this lifelong fondness for the Lake District that the Resident IT Consultant ‘suffers’ from.

He told me the story behind the cover image. Apparently the artist recognised enough of the description of the farm where the children go to have their adventures, so he travelled there to draw the actual farm. And when I Googled this, I came upon Dove Grey Reader’s blog post from twelve years ago, where she tells the same story. Come to think of it, maybe that’s where he got his information.

But anyway, it seems both of them have childhood memories of Fell Farm Holiday. Dove Grey’s photo is much better than mine, but here is the book as photographed at Bookwitch Towers.

And the back.

It almost makes me want to go there. Almost.