Children’s television

Have to admit to liking the Sarah Jane Adventures. For anyone who doesn’t know Sarah Jane; she’s an ex assistant of Doctor Who, from years ago. She now has her own series on Children’s BBC.

I hardly ever watch television these days, but I do like Sarah Jane. We tape the episodes and watch both halves of each adventure together.

I’d like to be Sarah Jane, and if I ever give up the broom, I’d have a car like hers any day. Pale green and cream Figaro. And her hair. Yes, please.

3 responses to “Children’s television

  1. We’re big Sarah Jane fans here. Loved the casting of Jane Asher as Sarah Jane’s schoolfriend the other week. It was a real treat to see two attractive English actresses of a certain age getting their teeth into such fun roles!

  2. pb, you can’t keep liking everything I like!

    I wondered whether to explain to the younger generation about Jane Asher, but then decided against, and just enjoyed.

  3. I’m sure, given time, we could find lots to disagree on! My kids were slightly bemused by Jane Asher’s appearance as they recognised her from the cover of her fancy dress book, which gets a lot of outings here.

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