Before you offer me your book to read, it’s worth remembering that I am only one person. I don’t get paid for this. I receive several hundred books every year, and there isn’t time to read all of them. Look at the blog again and see if I appear to read and review the type of book you’re about to offer me. Tell me if it’s an adult or children’s book. In most cases it’s not at all obvious.

I have stopped replying to all messages sent this way. It takes up too much of my reading and writing time, and more still when I have to spend ages online trying to find what could have been said in a brief and informative manner here. Correct spelling and decent grammar is appreciated.

From now on I am going to permit myself to work only five days a week, which means fewer blog posts and less time for polite responses to book offers that I have no interest in at all.

And please don’t send more chocolate!

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  1. This is the way to contact me directly. No one else sees your message, so it’s as private as an ordinary email, which is how I receive anything you send.