This is the place to come to read interviews with interesting writers. Not that you’re not interesting if you’ve not been ‘bookwitched’; it’s just that I haven’t been able to get round to you just yet. I have a hit list, you know. And I’m getting closer every day.

“Ask a bad question!”, says Catherine Forde

Adèle Geras – ‘I suppose if you sit here long enough, you’ll hear it all…’

Andy McNab – ‘I’ve met myself, you know’

Budge Wilson – After L M Montgomery

Caroline Lawrence – A Riverside Roman

Cathy Hopkins – ‘I wanted to up the glam stakes a bit’

Charlotte Moore on life and autism

Eoin Colfer in Gothenburg

Eoin Colfer – “You can’t escape yourself”

Jon Mayhew – ‘I try to build ramps in people’s minds’

The Jacqueline Wilson Interview

Kate Ellis and her dashing Devon detective, Wesley Peterson

Liz Kessler – ‘Straightforward and simple, that’s me’

Malorie Blackman – “We are all human beings”

Melvin Burgess – “You’re never too old to plug something in.”

Meeting Mary Hoffman

Meg Rosoff – Writing, with a passion for riding

Michelle Magorian – ‘Now I’ll write a two inch sentence…’

Neil Gaiman – “I worry that I might be respectable”

Pure Debi Gliori Magic – ‘Thank heavens I can draw’

Sara Paretsky – “Head first in hot fudge sauce”

Sonya Hartnett – “Thank God, Pippi has come to save me!”

Stephen Booth and the “number one fan”

Terry Pratchett – ‘I know the books have their heart in the right place’

Derek Landy – “Valkyrie Cain hit the parapet and tumbled, unable to stop herself, and with a panicked gasp she disappeared off the edge.”


5 responses to “Interviews

  1. I like writing. I like doing it even better if I think people are going to read what I have written.
    No, start again – I am obsessed by the process of writing and when I am working on something new it is almost impossible for anyone to attract my attention or think about anything else. I love it when people tell me they like what I have written – it makes all the long lonely hours, exploring unknown places with people I have never met, worthwhile.

    It’s great to find a site like Bookwitch – like a hyperspace crossroads of weird and interesting ideas – I shall certainly come back to discuss more – when I have torn myself free of my latest obsession.

    Keep blogging – keep writing and, ost important, keep reading! – See you again soon

  2. Thank you! Weird and interesting…

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