Findus the baby

My heart melted at the sight of little Findus, lost, red-eyed and all scared, and I don’t melt that easily. Findus is usually a cunning and clever cat, so this was a real revelation. And Pettson has changed from being an old and confused man, into a loving Dad figure. When Findus Was Little and Disappeared is an adorable story. It’s a newly translated book by Sven Nordqvist, and one I hadn’t read before.

When Findus Was Little I knew Findus sort of hailed from a packet of frozen peas, and this story tells you how he came to live with lonely, old Pettson. He is mostly very Findus-y from the start, but the sad tale of the day he got lost, shows the reader another side to this cat. And I don’t think I’d realised that the funny little creatures we see on just about every page are invisible to Pettson. But they are still capable of helping in a sticky situation.

Less sure about the badger. It’s all very well that it scared poor Findus, but I actually dreamed of a hippo sized badger after reading the book.

My heart is still working on un-melting itself.

6 responses to “Findus the baby

  1. Oh!!! Add me to the list of hearts that are melting! I am not familiar with these books, although I know of Nordqvist, but this has made me want to track them down. Can you please name the publisher? Thanks!

  2. It’s Hawthorn Press Ltd, Judith. It seems it takes a small publishing company to take on “unusual” books like this one.

  3. Findus och Pettson är bara SÅÅÅ bra!!! Hur många finns på engelska? Jag gillar att läsa Pettson -böckerna, högläsa alltså, men alla passar inte närsom helst. En del är lite mer sorgsna, en del är lite mer humoristiska.
    ( Du får väl översätta om någon protesterar mot svenskan).

  4. Detta är bok nr 2. Findus var sååå gullig….

  5. “Newly translated”? Oh my god, they take their time, don’t they? I live in Sweden and I think everybody loves Pettson and Findus. So, you haven’t read Sven Nordqvists new book “Var är min syster?”. I love it! Find it now! There is very few words in it, so you can “read” it in swedish. The pictures are amazing!!!

  6. Rita Van de Voorde

    Petson en Findus heb ik op latere leeftijd ontdekt. Ik ben er gewoon weg van. Ik vind de verhalen en de tekeningen subliem. Ik leef mee met beide personnages en hun avonturen.

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