Save this card?

‘I think I’ll go to the library and get a new one of these,’ said the Resident IT Consultant at lunchtime on Saturday, brandishing his library card.

The old library card

It seemed like a good idea, as his card was not just on its last legs, but badly needed resuscitating. My only – automatic – thought against his plan was that it was Twelfth Night. You just don’t go to the library on Twelfth Night. I mean, you shouldn’t be able to. It should be a holiday.

But whereas it was Saturday, that’s all it was, and it seems the library is open until four. The Resident IT Consultant trotted off, and returned two hours later with a pretty new card (they even waived the cost of replacing it, on account of its decrepit state and general old age) and two books.

The new library card

He can now do all sorts of things. The library allows you access to useful stuff via the internet, which includes reading The Times online without paying. I suppose that one is the equivalent of popping in and reading their hard copy, if you can call a newspaper hard.

It’s even possible to look up when he last borrowed books. Twelve years ago…


5 responses to “Save this card?

  1. A good start to the new year! 🙂

  2. Carol Robinson

    I have library cards for Douglas, Stockport, Manchester, Cumbria, Lancashire, Huntingdon, Cambridge and Kensington! All with lovely scenes and all used ! Hence fat wallet, little money!

  3. And I thought you were rich. I’ll stop ogling your wallet.
    Serial borrower? Do they know about each other?

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