Black Snow Falling

I raced through this very beautiful volume, to find out what it was really about. Had L J MacWhirter written a romance, or a horror story, or was it pure fantasy and /or science [fiction]?

L J MacWhirter, Black Snow Falling

Black Snow Falling features people who believe Earth is at the centre of the universe. Well it is the 16th century, so not too abnormal. But this can cause problems, as it might have done for dear old Copernicus.

It’s a kind of Cinderella situation, with a loving and sensible, but widowed, father who goes off somewhere, leaving his daughter Ruth with a wicked stepmother and some step-siblings, and this being 1592 there is always a risk of being married off to some ghastly man.

Some of the story happens in 1543, when Henry VIII visited Ruth’s home, except she wasn’t born then. He was between wives, and he would not tolerate any nonsense about the Sun being the centre of everything.

There are creatures who come at night and steal your dreams. There is much that seems inexplicable, but Ruth being a determined heroine type of girl (she skates, for instance), she sets out to find what goes wrong and to put it right.

I’m beginning to suspect I must have had a dream or two stolen from me at some point…

(One thing; any book with as gorgeous a design as Black Snow Falling ought to come with a ribbon bookmark, as well. That’s what I think…)


One response to “Black Snow Falling

  1. I would very much like to read this story. Snow, Cinderella-ish elements, and creatures that steal your dreams. Definitely sounds appealing to me.

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