Wheelbarrow bookshelf thingy

Do you want to save £1500?

In that case you get yourself the smallest Ivar shelf from Ikea, which will cost virtually nothing. You add a couple of wheels to the ends of two of the four legs. You put some kind of handles on the opposite side of Ivar. You paint it a nice colour.

And that way you have yourself a nice, mobile bookshelf. Your to-be-read pile can always be with you.

Or you could buy one of these beauties; designer Matti Klenell’s The Truck. It’s just rather expensive.


2 responses to “Wheelbarrow bookshelf thingy

  1. As someone who has moved a lot of books around with various carts , it’s whether they’re prone to tipping over that’s the question.

  2. Best done before you open your wallet.
    I suspect books might just fall off.

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