Pullman on Larsson

Philip Pullman lists The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo as one of his three recommended reads for 2008 in today’s Guardian. He says it’s ” several cuts above most thrillers I’ve read recently – intelligent, complex, with a gripping plot and deeply intriguing characters”. Well, if that doesn’t get Son to read the book this Christmas, I don’t know what will. I do expect it to happen in the original, however, which may slow down the proceedings somewhat.

The French are gripped in Larsson fever, according to the magazine Vi. They, of course, have already had all three parts translated and published. Some very eager fans are hoping for a fourth book, so maybe they haven’t grasped reality quite to the same extent. Though there is a fourth book in France, called something like The Fourth Manuscript, by Guillaume Lebeau. It’s research into Stieg’s books and background, or something like that. And the French are flocking to Stockholm to traipse round the streets featured in the trilogy.

An idea for your next holiday, perhaps?


2 responses to “Pullman on Larsson

  1. I’m with Philip on this . Second part coming out in English in January and I can’t wait.

  2. Have just done the rounds of our local charity shops. Two out of three had the paperback edition of TGWTDT for sale. I hope that’s a sign that lots of people did buy the pb when it came out.

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