Rally round, readers

Please spread some love and good vibes in the direction of Debi Gliori. It seems my post from ten days ago was far too mild. If you want the whole story, then Debi’s own blog post is required reading.

You might have noticed that I am doing a Scottish-themed midweek on Bookwitch, but I would rather not that Debi should feel she has to defend herself like this. Actually, she’s not defending. She’s telling her version of how Tobermory Cat came about.

Debi Gliori, T Cat

It should be enough that TC lives dangerously (see above). Writers and illustrators are entitled to work quietly in their sheds, making books that help children sleep. (Rather like the train poster, how railway staff should be allowed to go to work without expecting to be beaten up or threatened.)

How can someone who runs a business in Tobermory – an ‘adult’ – bully a decent woman like Debi? The fact that TC’s fb-‘owner’ is behaving threateningly is one thing. For him to have a band of badly informed online followers joining him in his threats is just unspeakably dreadful.

If you are a facebook user, please like Debis’ TC page.

8 responses to “Rally round, readers

  1. Utterly deplorable. I read the blog yesterday. Have ‘liked’.

  2. Unbelievable! Have sent out good vibes, etc. to Debi. He is lucky she’s too much of a real human being to mobilise her many online fans and supporters against him!

  3. I can’t believe there’s so much controversy over something that shouldn’t be an issue. I hope it all works out ok for Debi.

  4. You are nice people!

  5. Late to the party as usual. Oh, my ears and whiskers – hang on, I’m stealing that. I’ll try again. Oh, my furry little toes, legs and ( sigh) chin(s). That’s better.

    I am so very, very, very GRATEFUL to all my colleagues and friends and fellow-writers and readers. To say that the response to my blog about trolling has been overwhelming would be understating it massively. In truth, apart from attending a demo outside the Scottish Parliament about the possible cutbacks to school librarians and giving a talk at a book award in York, I have done nothing else since last Thursday ( when I published the blog) but write thank-yous to incoming email of support, moderate posts of support on my blog, accept new followers on Twitter, reply to kind things on Facebook, and write letters. Saying thankyou.

    It’s been like the biggest Christmas present EVAH. After a nightmare of epic proportions. So-

    Dear Bookwitch.
    Thankyou so very much to you and your Girlwitch with her head in the stars. Your kindness and support does and has meant a great deal during this difficult time. Next time we meet, the scones are on me.
    With love

  6. The scones were on you last time.

    Are you telling us you’re not actually busy writing a new book??

  7. I am not busy writing a new book. Nor are Gillian Phillip or Nicola Morgan or a host of amazing writers Out There on the Web, all of whom have indeed rallied round to assist. For me to sit back and contentedly get on with earning a crust while my friends are manning the barricades would feel very wrong. So, I’m trying to stem the flow through my laptop but I’m also trying to draw a picture for the real owners of Tobermory the cat, who died last month. I hope it gives them some comfort and that they like it. I hope it helps to pour oil on a storm in a teacup( if I can mix my metaphors) when I go up to Mull on the 5th November. An auspicious date – NOT.

    And hey – regarding the scones – In Edinburgh, as you probably know, they are reputed to say ‘You’ll have hed yir tea,’ not a question, but a statement implying that no food will be forthcoming. They also say, ‘Yir et yir auntie’s,’ implying that you’re not under the jurisdiction of your parents and thus – let the scones flow forth, along with Victoria sponge, lemon drench cake, gingerbread, chocolate brownies, shortbread and a wee bit of parkin…

    Aaaargh. All those virtual cakes and nothing, but NOTHING in the GlioriSchloss cake tin. That’s what happens when you spend your days manning e-barricades. I must pull the plug and go and read a book, play a fiddle, hug a child and give my dreams some space. Thankyou, as ever.

  8. So no one is writing books and no one is baking? That is just great.

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